Having lost my bag before with some unnecessary trouble involved in getting it bag.

What it does

Create QR code tags that you can print for your items (luggage, bags...). If you lose whatever you put it on and someone scans it, they can see custom contact information in multiple languages, share their location with you or even start a real time chat with you, that they can get back to at any time without ever having to create an account.

How I built it

C#/.NET Core Web API built on top of Postgres + React with typescript on the frontend

  • Typescript Tanstack Query hooks generated from OpenApi
  • Different identities (with or without account)
  • Websockets/Long polling use for chat

Challenges I ran into

  • Creating a persistent chat for people without accounts
  • Handling complex forms for creating and editing tags
  • Vite crashing all the time (¬_¬)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Clean, consistent UI/UX
  • All features fully functional (with more features than initially planned) in a limited time
  • High level of automation in the code base thanks to code generation based on OpenApi
  • Easily extendable and maintainable code base

What I learned

  • Using multiple authentication schemas in ASP.NET Core
  • Sending emails and generating QR codes in .NET Core
  • Generating Tanstack Query hooks from OpenApi
  • Time management

What's next for QrTagger

  • Hosting it on the web
  • Adding more configuration options for item tags
  • Monetization (a cheap monthly subscription that would unlock the chat feature)
  • Real time location streaming
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