We thought since most information lives on Internet, that there should be a simple way to access this information conveniently without a browser or Internet connection.

What it does

When you text the Qrious service with text/images, the data is relayed to our Node server, processed, and relevant information is returned back to the user through SMS/MMS.

How we built it

Dark magic (Twilio + Azure + Wolfram Tech + Node + MongoDB + caffeine)

Challenges we ran into

There's a lot of moving parts in this hack, so first getting them to work individually, and then programming them to play nicely together was quite a task.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting everything to work together.

What we learned

  • Azure
  • Twilio api
  • Wolfram api
  • In-memory caching


  • Send text/image
    • wait for reponse
    • text 'more' for more information

What's next for Qrious

Improve speed and accuracy. Open to public.

Built With

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