We were inspired to create QReview because of while we now live in an accepting environment, we realize that people across the globe (and even within the States) lack LGBTQI+ resources available online. We wanted to create a global community, including allies, to inspire businesses to promote diversity, inclusion, and equality.

What it does

As an intersectional, peer-reviewed rating system, QReview helps users locate businesses that have proven their commitment to supporting diversity. In turn, these customers bolster the economy of the business with the buying power of over 16 million LGBTQ+ individuals in the US alone.

How we built it

Kesha came to me with the amazing to create a review & ranking system and we worked together to expand it. We get our alpha and beta release up using wordpress to get customer validation and made iterative improvements like Google Maps integration to quickly allow users to add new businesses (including ones only online)

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out a platform to do cheap user research & testing, managing a database that would scale, and affording an app developer for iOS and Android

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being featured in Huffington Post and launching a beta release with 9000+ users in 20 countries.

What We Learned

We recognized the overlapping and interconnected nature of discrimination and disadvantage as they are experienced by our communities, and made adjustments accordingly. Our user feedback prompted us to track experiences based on the following: Biological Sex, Gender Identity or Expression, Race or Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Cultural Background, Religious Affiliation, Physical Appearance, Mental Ability, Physical Ability, Body Size, Socioeconomic Status, and Age.

What's next for QReview

We look forward to partnering with organizations, reaching out to businesses, and creating an app for our international community.

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