We wanted to streamline how networking works by using a single QR code. Our program decreases the amount of time needed to exchange contact information while saving paper and clutter as well.

What it does

Allows users to upload their information, including their resume, onto a database where they will be sent a personal QR code tailored to their information via text message. This allows a recruiter to scan a user's QR code and get their personal information and resume. Likewise, each recruiter has their own dashboard that displays the information of each user at each event.

How I built it

Frontend uses html, css, javascript, and angular. Backend uses node.js and express.js. We used MongoDB as the database and stored the resumes in amazon s3. An android application is used to scan each user's QR code.

Challenges I ran into

Problem uploading the resumes onto s3 as well as deploying the product in Google Cloud Platform and Heroku. Could not use any other phone to scan the QR codes except for the main one used to build and test the application. Many members did not know angular so learning it from scratch was difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learned a lot about angularjs and front end development. Also got an introduction to express.js as well as MongoDB.

What I learned

Working with angular and the idea of using controllers. Node.js and express.js.

What's next for QRecruiter

We have plans of improving our UI, adding more features for recruiters and recruitees, and testing.

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