Managing physical receipts is an unnecessarily difficult task today. Especially during tax return season where countless hours are wasted looking for receipts, qReceipt provides a seamless and innovative solution to the management of receipts.

What it does

qReceipt catalogues receipts through the innovative approach of digitalizing receipts with QR codes. Rather than being handed a physical receipt after making a purchase, the user will be handed a QR code in which they can simply scan using the QR code scanner in qReceipt. It will then display a digital copy of the receipt on the app and catalogued. Additionally, qReceipt has an analytics feature that analyzes, displays, and classifies the users spending over a period of time. Furthermore, this will help the user develop a better understanding of their distribution of money.

How we built it

Built using a React Native Javascript mobile app with a Java backend.

What's next for qReceipt

qReceipt would not be possible without stores transferring over to distributing QR codes rather than physical receipts. Hence, it is essential to partner up with businesses to abandon physical receipts and utilize a receipt system more suitable for the 21st century.

Likewise, the elimination of physical receipts will be aid the environment and cut the costs for businesses which in turn lead to better prices of goods for everyone.

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