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QReceipts renders paper receipts irrelevant by providing invoices directly to your phone for easy access while managing your budget. Using QReceipts, when you buy items from retailers, you can simply scan a QR code which will automatically send you a receipt created by our own POS system. No need to give your information to greedy newletters for your eReceipts. We acts as a middleware between retailers and consumers and provide both with a secure, anonymous connection.


When you start our app, you will see a login screen. Simply enter your provided credentials for secure access.
You will then be directed to your dashboard, where you can see how much you have spent in or over your budget and a list of receipts.

Use the + badge to scan a QR Code and add the receipt to your list.
In your profile, you can set your budget and name.

Why QReceipt?

No more paper receipts

Let's face it, getting paper receipts from every transaction and keeping them overflowing in our wallet or around the house isn't optimal. Even more so when the invoice for the item you didn't think you'd refund suddenly disappears when you need it.

Anonymous shopping

E-receipts aren't new, but many companies that implement them will ask for user details (such as an email address) in order to send an invoice. They will then use that to gather more information and send newsletters and ads to their consumers. Instead of this, QReceipt will automatically send and store receipts for you, with no information given to the retailer.

Easy storage

Never lose your receipts again, with offline and online storage.

Faster for Retailers and Shoppers

QReceipt is easy to set up in stores, and faster to send receipts than printing one. For shoppers, you simply need to scan the QR Code shown after your purchase and it will be added to your storage. That's it!

The Future of QReceipt

  • Receipt sending via email & QR Code for refunds and sales
  • Local storage of scans of paper receipts
  • Automatic copy sending to your own email
  • Structured POS system for your company, integrated with your database
  • Standalone App for stores to display QR codes on
  • Customizable Search engine for easier access
  • And much much more


Tiffany Le-Nguyen Mohamed Abdel Baky Naziba Haider
Tiffany Le-Nguyen Mohamed Abdel Baky Naziba Haider


MIT © Tiffany Le-Nguyen

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