Our inspiration was derived from our motivation to break free from our years of torturous endurance of the cruel restrictions of music rating sites; being only able to rate our favorite songs with a certain number of stars is inhumane, and this weekend is the time we make this change to save ourselves and those who share our pain and suffering.

What it does

The project provides options for users to add their own categories to rate songs and allows connection to spotify. Data collected allows users to search up songs more freely, through with customizable categories.

How we built it

The project was made using javascript, nodejs, and the spotify web api. The site is served using express.js routing and swig templates, and the whole project itself is hosted on heroku.

Challenges we ran into

The main issues arose from not predicting what would be needed of the project as time went on. Some original functionality had to be entirely rewritten or scrapped completely when it conflicted with other features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing the app at all is a major achievement as burnout nearly prevented the app from being finished.

What we learned

Kevin learned more about coding in Javascript and the useful libraries that can speed progress of projects. Rudy learned that Javascript will never stop being a fickle mistress.

What's next for Qrator

Most likely a complete rewrite as a lot of the methods used to finish the app in such a short time are not the most efficient. As for future features, we'd like to incorporate playlist sharing so that users can see how what other users look for in music and how they appreciate music. We would also like to create a robust search system that's personalized to users customized categories so that they can find specific types of songs easier.

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