Not wanting to lose our childhood favorite games to the mobile era, we decided to re-imagine them in a way that incorporates modern technology and brings to the forefront how technology can improve our social lives.

What it does

Our technology provides a platform for users to engage in social games while providing real time and honest score keeping.

How we built it

Our technology stack includes the following: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Jquery,, Nginx, Gunicorn, Flask, Python, MongoDB, Google Cloud Platform.

We started with the example code for a chat room that comes with Flasks and learned how sockets work. We built our own functions, classes, and data structures to make a dynamic platform. Our code runs on the google cloud platform with the domain name

Our application boasts a custom original score by our team member Conner Shehan.

Challenges we ran into

We faced and overcame many issues in our application development cycle. We found that building a responsive website that incorporates many elements while supporting mobile and desktop platforms to be a bigger issue that we anticipated.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A platform that works and that can bring people together. We worked as a team through countless servings of caffeine and built an application we are really proud of!

What we learned

Teamwork, Communication, and that SoyLent is Acceptable. We also learned a lot about the software development cycle and became more familiar with whats possible in unfamiliar languages.

What's next for QR Tag

More Game Modes such as Capture the flag, Tag, Last one standing, Lazer Quest.

Features such as GeoFencing. Which would be the ability to set a location and boundaries for games. Also the ability to decrease play area as time goes on. Also Merchandise items such QR shirts and QR stickers.

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