Bringing simplicity for the user's interaction. To help add additional

What it does

It can scan QR codes on physical or virtual objects and bring up much more information on said object, including the a virtual 3-d version of the object and any effects it was intended to have.

How we built it

With having our eyes opened and attentive for more than 24 hours straight and having great communication.

Challenges we ran into

Getting past the restricted privacy settings the HoloLens and the 24 hour time limit!!! (aahhhh!!!)))

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did almost everything. Code may actually work, but we were not able to build any file through HoloLens and had a lot of help to try to do so. Proud of coming so close and learning so much about unity with having no prior experience with it.

What we learned

Making revolutionary apps for the world may last a bit more than 24 hours....maybe just 26 hours (;

What's next for QR Reading using HoloLens (Almost Achieved)

Find a way to build the project (similar to compiling) then do test and debugging. Afterwards, improve app by making an online data base to store the mass inventory of objects/effects for users across the globe.

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