Sometimes, you forget your wallet, or don't have enough cash. But it's unlikely you forget your phone. QR-Pay allows you to pay by just scanning a QR code generated by the merchant!

What it does

A merchant can generate a QR code for the client to scan. The client then scans the QR code, and confirms the details. They then click to make the purchase on the app, and it makes a payment to the merchant using CapitalOne's Nessie API.

How we built it

Jodi built the merchant interface using HTML and Javascript. It is all done client side, so that even if the internet at the shop goes down, the QR codes are still able to be generated.

Challenges we ran into

The Nessie API did not allow for cross origin requests, so we had to create an intermediate webserver to proxy the requests.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working together, with relatively little experience with things such as QR codes.

What we learned

JavaScript doesn't always behave as expected.

What's next for QR-Pay

Who knows?

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