Largely inspired by Artblocks, Quackz aims to bring curated work from talented artists all over the world into our ecosystem where Quackz holders are able to mint, collect and value. Being a victim of aurory(dot)app incident, we have decided to take things into our own hands to provide a safe place for collectors to mint quality curated NFTs.

What it does

Quackz holders are able to access the magical whirlpool, where they will be connected with quality work of various talented artists, where they are able to mint, collect and value. We called them treasures as we know they will be worthwhile!

How we built it

Quackz is built using Rust & Metaplex Candy Machine.

Challenges we ran into

Quackz initial deployment was Ethereum. But due to the overwhelming gas fees incurred during minting of various popular NFT projects, we discovered that a large amount of the cost incurred during minting were gas instead of the price of the NFT art, hence rewarding the miners more than the artist. We feel that artists should be valued and appreciated as what Cole from Pudgy Penguins shared. We feel that artists should be valued and appreciated. Hence we looked into Solana and love at first sight. Our initial developer had contacted COVID-19 and hence we need to seek very last minute support for development work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Quackz is built purely with a community and artist in mind. We are glad that we have a huge network of talented artists who can't wait to join our ecosystem and spread their work to our collectors, to the world.

What we learned

There are many NFT projects that seem to tarnish the reputation of NFT, by being a rug pull of no real usage. Being a victim of aurory(dot)app incident, we certainly and definitely focus on community benefit first for Quackz.

What's next for Quackz

We will be collaborating & curating quality creation from talented artists and bring the first hand opportunity for Quackz holders to participate. This means that only Quackz holders are able to mint our limited quality collaboration arts before it goes to the secondary marketplace.

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