Inspiration / Motivation

Representatives of European cities and municipalities as well as leading international experts in the field of virology agree that the number of Corona-Virus-Infection Tests must be increased significantly. This is the goal of the proposed project. In Germany, around 500,000 to 715,000 tests are performed every week (according to RKI and Prof. Drosten from the Charité Berlin). The German Association of Cities has required a test capacity of 500,000 per day (3.5 million per week) since April 12th, 2020. This requires a 700% increase of the testing capacity. Currently, ca. 30% of the tests are carried out by hand of labritory assistants - an additional bottleneck. That is an international problem; Almost all nations face similar requirements.

In order to hack this situation, we develop a open-source, semi-automated testing device for a potential for mass-production in countries with suitable manufacturing companies and capacitiey. Every country worldwide will be able to access, use and further develop the Easy&Open Corona Virus Infection Tester

Our vision: daily testing for everyone.

The concept of the device will be our deliverable for this Hackathon.

What it does

Open Source Testing Device, supporting the testing activities to increase testing capacity -more detail coming soon-

How I built it

The realization is split up in two phases:

1. Product Development

  • Based on open-source software and hardware
  • Redesign existing open-source PCR (
  • Using open technology (3d printers, portal milling mashine)
  • Using existing and reliable test procedures (functions)
  • HMI with the patient: APP-driven, 2-factor identification
  • MESH Technology and decentralize data hosting (GDPR confirm)

2. Device Manufacturing

not in scope of this Hackathon

Challenges I ran into

  • Using "home-office" or "need-to-stay-at-home" specialist potential
  • Low-cost production allows increasing of test capacity in low budget regions
  • Fast development and roll-out needed
  • Homologation required
  • Alternative materials for manufacturing and testing operation

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • We did it!

What I learned

  • Our open-source vision is possible

What's next

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