Every year, millions of travelers move between countries. In developing and war-torn nations, it can be difficult to reliably verify the identity of these migrants. QPass is an application that uses smart contracts and the Quantum blockchain to provide individuals and organizations the ability to vouch for the location of others.

For example, a visitor to the United Kingdom would have his QPass verified the local customs officers. This visit and its distinguishing details are signed and stored on the Quantum blockchain, for all to see. Similarly, inhabitants of fallen governments might use their QPass ledger as proof of their previous citizenship as they work to establish a new home.

QPass is built on the power on smart contracts, which allow the execution of credible transactions without the use of third parties. Our smart contract stores the verified location and time, as well as a signed copy of this data from the verifier. After being committed to the blockchain, this data is easily accessible to all QPass users.

As blockchain novices, our biggest hurdles involved becoming proficient in the skills necessary to leverage the Quantum blockchain. Further, we sought to provide a smooth user experience, despite the technical challenges associated with implementing a QR code handshake.

We hope to receive valuable feedback of QPass as we strive to make it more secure and viable for use by travelers across the world.

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