After joining and participating in the Qoom workshop, I really enjoyed it, and I wanted to create my own website. I wanted to continue working on the website that had created from the workshop, and improve on it by adding new features.

What it does

This is a fun little website that I created using Qoom to introduce myself. There are many little buttons that lead users to my other social media platforms such as Linkedin, Github, and Youtube. The website also includes a bit of 3D modelling technology from echoAR, where the users can scan the QR codes to see a 3D model on their phones.

How we built it

The website was mainly built through Qoom. The website's text, images, and links were all created using the html portion of Qoom. The colours and the formatting of the website was created with the css portion of Qoom. Finally, the QR codes used within the website was created with echoAR.

Challenges we ran into

A bit of a challenge that I ran into was that some of the formatting for the website was not working how I wanted it to. Some other challenges that I faced was getting the button that directed users to the top of the website to work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am very proud of finally getting the button that took users to the top to work. It took a while, but it was actually very simple, and I over complicated it. I am also very proud to even have created the website in the first place, as I never thought I would be capable of doing so.

What we learned

I learned many different skills after this hackathon. I had to learn a bunch of html and css to create the website, and a bit of echoAR technology to allow the 3D modelling to work. I learned how to input many different images within the website, and to even create buttons that lead users around my website, or even to different websites.

What's next for Jacky's First Time

After this hackathon, I want to go back and try to implement more features within my website. An example would be to add a security feature, which could include a puzzle that the user must solve. Also, I want to go back to fix up the formatting because I had some trouble during the hackathon.

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