Throughout our education, it's always been a teacher to student relationship in the classroom. This may not always be the best teaching/learning environment because it discourages proper student engagement. Many students can be too intimidated to ask questions in class because of the fear for being judged for asking a "stupid question." They are also too afraid to answer questions because of the embarrassment of getting it wrong. Additionally, in large lectures, participating is quite difficult thus creating a lecture heavy course which is very mundane.

What it does

QuesMe is an interactive website that enhances student to teacher engagement by taking in anonymous student questions which are sent to the teacher in real time. Other students will be able to vote on submitted questions, and the most popular question will grow in size indicating that it is a concerning topic/question. The professor will be able to see this activity through their own page in the form of a dashboard.

How we built it

We built a database for the students and teacher data using PostgreSQL The frontend was built using React, Redux and Node.js while the the backend uses Express and Node.js We used to connect the database and our frontend/backend components to keep them updated in real time

Challenges we ran into

Had trouble setting up sockets Connecting questions and thumbs up/down feature

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a visually appealing dashboard Get the voting for questions done in real time

What's next for QuesMe

A thumbs up to thumbs down animation to gauge student's understanding of the concepts

The ability for students to answer teacher questions (similar to a straw poll) but only those with the correct answers get shown.

How it applies to Accessibility:

This website can be used for those who are mute and thus aren't able to participate in class or feel uncomfortable asking others to participate for them. Since the majority of people have access to phones and laptops, those who are mute can participate by entering their own questions and not disturbing anyone else.

Additionally, it can be used for those who are deaf or partially deaf because they are unable to hear questions asked during class. With this website, they can now read the questions that people have and the answer that the professor gives as well.

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