To use qivot, all it takes is simply copy-pasting which links you have selected into the appropriate box and hitting Generate.

This then gives you a unique and shareable link, opening all the links at once in new tabs. Here at qivot, we have spent a lot of time thinking about how much digital information we interact with every day and how we access this content.

We are forever opening link, after link, after link – whether it be readings for university, news articles, work briefings, cat gifs (while at work) or simply keeping up to date with popular Twitter, Facebook or YouTube accounts.

This is a very tedious process.

What if we could just click on a link given to us by a professor and have open all the week’s readings for university?

Or click on another link from Pewdiepie, and open a range of social media accounts across multiple platforms, keeping us up to date with his life.

Or better yet, what if parents or siblings were travelling overseas and we lost contact with them during the Nepal earthquake in April. we would need an immediate stream of information surrounding this event that would continually be updated.

With a qivot link we would have access to every news organisation covering the disaster, so no information would be missed.

This is qivot, something that will revolutionise the way we share and access content around the world.

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