Inspiration came from the realization that in our post-pandemic world we are flooded with events but they are not searchable or organized. We thought there should be a "menu" for this new era. There is a huge missed opportunity for people across the globe to help each other through this crisis by communicating more.

What it does

It lets you discover and share online events and conversations, meet new people all over the world!

How I built it

Our amazing designers came up with a logo and great interactions for the site. Our backend was made in .NET by one of our team members in Mexico City. The front end was made with React by our front end developer and current USC undergrad.

Challenges I ran into

We couldn't have a real database since Microsoft is limiting usage of SQL Server. We had to engineer our own database served out of a JSON file!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

From idea to polished prototype in 2 weeks! We really scrambled behind the scenes, obsessing over details like the logo and interactions.

What I learned

Bringing diverse voices and skillsets together yields a better result! Each member of our team has unique skills and a voice to contribute.

What's next for Qioo.Live

We want this to be real! Next up is getting it out into the hands of real users to collect feedback , improving functionalities.

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