Native app that uses Machine Learning to predict best car insurance quotes.

We provide:

  • Single input processs that user types in only once which goes out to different companies and predicts quotes driven by real data.
  • Uses Machine Learning and Neural Networking to enhance performance and accuracy at a rate none to any other.
  • Our model is completelty built from scratch and has the ability to re-train and grow based on the given training data without compromising its accuracy.




Our Goal is to reduce the tedious process of getting insurance in general; where each individual has to fill out a form specific to each company only to later call the company and find out that the quote given online is completely wrong and way lower than what was expected.


Our app eleminates this tedious process of having to fill out multiple company specific forms and lets the user only do it once; we then use these inputs and make predictions about the quote and its confidance level by harnessing the power of Machine Learning and Neural Networking.

Our Tech-stack

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