What inspired us

Food security and sustainability is a growing concern in most communities. Agriculture accounts for a large amount of greenhouse gas emissions, so we wanted to create a solution that would help families reduce their footprint on the environment. We have created a tool that calculates the resources a family would need for a personalized vegetable garden based on their preferences and nutritional requirements. By helping families plan their garden, it encourages people to grow their own sustainable food. It also promotes a healthy lifestyle by emphasizing how vegetables can provide your required nutrients.

What we learned

We learnt how to break down a large problem into a reasonable task that we could accomplish. We also all learned java, which was a new language for all team members, and GitHub commands.

How we built it

We created a java program that accepts a family's information, such as age and gender, to determine their requirements. We then created objects of a vegetable class that contained the information of that vegetable. It then calculates the requirements of a garden for a family to get 50% of their nutrients using that vegetable.

Challenges we faced

We were faced with the challenge of not knowing the algorithms to determine the best combination of items based on varying independent scores. Based on the time constraint, we decided to restrict the garden to only grow one type of vegetable. We are continuing to do research on algorithms that can accomplish this.

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