# QHacks 2020 - UniVent

What we learned.

We went into this project with no knowledge of Android app development, Google's API's, and databases. We learned a great deal of how to create a functioning android app with dynamic database integration. We learned a lot about working together as a team and efficiently dividing up tasks.

Challenges we faced.

We began the project wanting to use Flutter, as it allows for cross-platform mobile development on both Window's and Mac. However, 6 hours into our project we decided to make a switch and began using Android Studio, which we had no experience in. 
We learned through tough personal experience the difficulties of FireBase and how challenging it is to implement with only YouTube tutorials. Through the implementation of Google Maps into or app, we faced a very long and mentally exhausting challenge when the coding was much more than we had bargained for. 
Finally, we faced the massive and unfamiliar challenge of very little to no sleep over a two day period. However, even after all of these struggles, we managed to make a product that we are very happy with. We all also made some great friends along the way :)
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