Our inspiration was our own personal fitness journey during quarantine. We’ve all been getting into fitness during quarantine. We’ve been watching exercise videos and following exercise guides by people such as Elevate Yourself and BullyJuice on Youtube. We hope our app can help others improve their fitness as well.

What it does

QFit allows the user to personalize a quarantine workout focusing on either the arms, core, or legs. Once the user has chosen an area of their body to focus their workout on, we allow them to choose a difficulty level to allow them to pace themselves. Once the user has personalized their workout, they are given a list of workouts to do, along with a video of each exercise showing them how to maintain proper form while they workout along. Every exercise makes use of body weight so the user won’t have to spend money on workout equipment.

How we built it

We built QFit using Android Studio. We coded the homepage screen, a bar allowing the user to switch to a workout screen, radio buttons allowing the user to personalize a workout, and videos to go along with the workouts provided.

Challenges we ran into

Some difficulties we encountered during this hackathon were coding using Android Studio and splitting up the work efficiently. We had trouble making our app be able to change tabs, and our app kept crashing when a radio button was pressed. Additionally, we had trouble getting videos to play on the app. Despite these difficulties, our group was still able to produce an app in the 24 hours provided.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some accomplishments that we’re proud of are being able to participate in our first hackathon, and produce a somewhat usable app using a language we weren’t familiar with. Additionally, editing our video and watching the end result was very satisfying.

What we learned

We learned how to code in Android Studio, how to edit a video using premiere pro, and how to efficiently work together as a group. Additionally, we learned what mistakes not to make during our next hackathon.

What's next for QFit

Next for QFit is making our videos function properly, adding workouts for people who have exercise equipment, creating a larger variety of workouts to do, and allowing the user to personalize their workout more by adding more areas of the body to work out, such as the chest, shoulders, etc. Moreover, we hope to add a tab tracking the time spent working out, the amount of calories each workout burns, and the total number of repetitions they’ve done.

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