There are many times in help sessions where the TA cannot effectively handle the amount of questions and/or skips people due to a lack of a queue system.

What it does

This application allows you to connect via IP addresses to communicate with your TA and has a login verification system.

How I built it

Qfi is developed through visual studios using c#.

Challenges I ran into

Enabling a queue that pulls from the database so that everyone on the network can view questions is a large issue (still present). Another issue was importing a data set to create an easy-on-the-eye interface.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating an application with a practical use derived from a real-life issue we saw in class.

What I learned

Branch collaboration on GitHub as well as IP connection syntax, database usage, and UI readability were all new concepts that we worked with.

What's next for Qfi

Full implementation of the database queue system.

Built With

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