our inspiration came after thinking about pilgrims journey and how it's so valuable to them and many times their one and only. so we wanted to elevate their experience by giving them the chance to have local guides/accommodation at a local's house .

What it does

-housing -tourism

How we built it

-we used .net technology. -we chose c# asp mvc web technology. -we used some tools like javascript(and others) for managing validation - we used sqlserver 2008 r2 for the database.

Challenges we ran into

-encourage locals to share their place/services to pilgrims.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-proud that this is the first hackathone participation for our team members. -being a part of breaking a Guinness world record.

What we learned

we have leaned to brainstorm non stop so we ca reach our best ideas and also to be extremely critical to validate our ideas correctly.

What's next for Muddah

Muddah's ambition to be the main platform for providing people with local tourism guides and accommodations worldwide

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