We wanted to make a program that allows anyone, even students who don't or can't normally go up to answer questions, to interact in the classroom.

What it does

This allows students to answer questions remotely and interact as you would a regular classroom, allowing the professor to request answers anonymously and for students to get credit

How we built it

We used Android Studio, XCode, and Swift and connected to a Firebase Realtime Database using ReactJS framework.

Challenges we ran into

We had trouble making sure the devices communicated efficiently, but we overcame it. Also we were really tired

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making an app that allows teachers to see all the answers and effectively communicate

What we learned

We learned how to use Firebase for Android Studio and how to connect over multiple platforms.

What's next for QClassroom

  • Assign students credit points and give them more permanent accounts
  • Allow students to draw on the screen to do more complicated problems
  • Allow students to compare answers
  • Customize display options for students and volunteering
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