A prototype for a healthcare dashboard application

About ID Hack

IDHack is a 24-hour event that requires participants to work specifically towards solving problems that organizations and initiatives face in the international development sector. This event harnesses the power of technology to create innovative solutions for real-world issues.

The Problem

ARC is a humanitarian organization that serves close to 3 million refugees and displaced people all around the world. One of their primary services is healthcare. To build high-functioning, effective health systems, ARC strengthens capacity in supply chain management and health information systems. The problem is to provide actionable insights into how 50 clinics are doing across the globe, in terms of service delivery, supply chain, and other measures.

The Solution

Our team made a prototype web application for their health programs called QCare which aggregates, in real time, key performance indicators of service provision, human resource management, epi surveillance, infection prevention and control, and supply chain. It allows administrators to see how well their 50 clinics in conflict areas are performing at a glance.

We were only given a description of the problem, so we had to create a data schema, provision an SQL database, and make up our own data to insert.

The resulting app is just a skeleton of what could be - we ran out of time before being able to use all our REST API Endpoints to visualize everything in the database. A lot of the visualization are simply placeholder for now. (With only one coder on our team and less than 24 hours, this app scaffolding was a large enough undertaking)

Next steps

The next steps would be to integrate SMS notification and communication features using the twilio API.

Running the app locally

npm install node server.js


began with a Bootstrap template dashboard and then made customizations


Thanks major league hacking and tufts for putting on the event - this was really fun and rewarding.

Huge thank you to my academic advisor and Tufts CS Lecturer Ming Chow for cultivating my interest in web development.

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