Lots of my clients gravitate towards free and open source business intelligence tools like Google Data Studio to merge and display data in new and exciting ways. With more business users creating new and exciting data sources in the form of Quick Base apps, I think it is critical that the underlying data they create fold into those existing data solutions.

What it does

Allows a table in Quick Base to be a native data source in Google Data Studio.

How I built it

It is built with custom Google App Script (javascript) in the Google App Script environment, leveraging the power of Quick Base's REST API system.

Challenges I ran into

Live usage of data can be a little slow, but I was able to leverage Google App Script's native cache store to keep data in memory, and not fetched from Quick Base for every single little change.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Works seamlessly in the Google Data Studio framework, and then opens all the realms of possibilities -- I especially like embedding Data Studio reports back into Quick Base. And, that opens to mixed and merged data from all of Data Studio's other data sources.

What I learned

There are over 270 partner data connectors, which means all of the data could now be available instantly on your homepage in a Quick Base app combined with the Quick Base data via this connector.

What's next for QBGDS Connect

I would like to publish it as an official partner connector, so everyone can use it! I also like to add support for the more complex relationship fields.

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