Daily work with QB. Our users have a lot of idea to make their life esier and ask me to solve. I like to solve this kind of challenges. The QB has restrictions but ther is a little gate that we developers can use ;)

What it does

I have created a couple of examples for prezentation. I can explain via Hangouts or else but I guess if the judge is an IT guy, it will be understable.

How I built it

At the most time the only option the image's onload event that I use. With this I can solve almost everything.

Challenges I ran into

The challenge is coming from the only one to many type of connection.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I like to develop and deliver solutions, so, I am proud of all of my work :)

What I learned

Actually I am learning day by day. Maybe the most important is to learn how I can avoid the customization and make my app closer to QB nativ functions because it is more stable.

What's next for QB Hackatlon

I have idea how I can improve the master record creator with combine text field. That field's results contains the invidual items, so one step can proceed up to 150.

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