(pronounced like "QR'd", or just "card", we aren't picky!)


Everything is being digitized nowadays, yet people still hand out paper business cards. It is also a hassle to manually add new contacts to your phone, or to search up new people you meet on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. We wanted to make an easy way for people to connect by simply pulling out their smartphones.

What it does

Quickly view other people's QaRds:

Just open the app, use the built in QR code scanner, and scan another person's QaRd. It will automatically show all of their QaRd information so you can quickly connect with them.

Create your own QaRds:

Each person can create many QaRds for different purposes. You might want to have different QaRds for different purposes.

For example:

  • gamer tags for gaming platforms like Steam, Blizzard, etc.
  • social media for when you want to add new people you meet
  • or simply your name, email address, and phone number

As soon as you scan another person's QaRd, all of the information will pop up on your screen and you can easily access them.

How we built it

At its core, it is an iOS app built with Swift as the front-end.

The QR code image was generated using an online API.

Standard Library was used to create and deploy the API. All of the API calls made by the app go through an endpoint that was coded up in JavaScript.

To store all of the QaRds, we used Google's Firebase and Firestore to store users and their QaRd information, in the form of JSON objects.

What we learned

None of us have worked with QR codes before. so we learned a lot about how they can be used, their limitations, and how they can be generated. We also learned a lot from using Standard Library and Firebase Firestore.

What's next for QaRd

Saving other QaRds: We want to be able to store a person's QaRd and save it as soon we scan it so they can be revisited.

Authentication: Right now, we don't have a way to authenticate users and allow or disallow people into other people's database documents. To prevent malicious activity, we would need to authenticate people in the back end.

Have the QR codes expire: For security, ideally, the QR codes should be regenerated every once in a while so old ones can't be spread around.

Functionality: It should be hooked up to different social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, using their APIs so that we can connect with them in a single click

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