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A realtime Stack overflow, available in Slack. Slack has lots of different teams, and knowledge is dispersed. This bot allows you to have an expert from a different Slack team jump in for temporary consulting. Questions are added to the database and next time a similar question comes up the bot will suggest answers.

What it does

  • Ask questions around specific #tags like #python or #node
  • Subscribe to global slack channels to see the discussion, even outside your own team
  • Jump in to answer questions you like, and get karma points
  • A leaderboard shows who is the most knowledgeable in a channel or #hashtag
  • Job postings in the relevant channels
  • Browse tech docs right from within Slack - no need to jump to google an APIs reference

How we built it

Using the Slack API, and botkit's cool "slot filling" feature allows formatted questions around job postings

Challenges we ran into

Coordinating all the different features and development environments - noone on the team had met each other before this hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Shipping! We're taking this live this week :)

What we learned

Slack is cooler when you add sass and game mechanics

What's next for QABot

Taking it live, hopefully users will contribute lots more cheat sheet documentation Supporting more external APIs to query so the bot can suggest answers without even bugging people Selling some job ads Waiting for Slack Coin$ so we can pay the experts in more than karma!!

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