This project was inspired when my friend Sayed Nawaf who is Ai&Ml enthusiast was talking about various machine learning model that he was learning and one of the model he was learning was question generating model which generates question when a file is given as input that's when I asked him if there was a model which generate both Q&A and to our surprise there were not any good models related to it and thats when the idea struck of creating a Q&A model

What it does

It is an AI&ML model which can generate Questions and answers when a file or pdf is given to it

How we built it

For this model to be implemented I created a app,the front-end was created using flutter and AI&ML model was created using a simple python code

Challenges we ran into

Since this project was done within 36 hours and the front-end was done using flutter and AI&ml model was done using python integration of python with flutter is still work in progress. Integration of flask and python is still work in progress Initial stages of the project was done in a Linux based OS where the model worked with accuracy of 85% but after trying the same with windows I messed up the code, this can be solved easily if given sometime.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Something that I am proud of is that i was able to create a front-end so quickly with just a little experience in flutter Proud that it did work once in a different OS.

What we learned

Learnt how to make front-end using flutter learnt that the same code needs to be slightly different in different OS Learnt about various useful website like devpost, Figma etc

What's next for QA-GENERATOR

To create a website so that anyone who has a internet connection can use this ML model. Add a Camera API so that user can create notes page by page

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