Hi Everyone that joined this app, my friend Nadia and myself and are both nerds in tech and so seeing how much COVID-19 is fatal. We want people to be safe and healthy. P-Earn, is an app that basically tracks your steps from your phone. We take quarantine very seriously and want everyone around the world to abide by the rules, but sometimes being inside can drive a person crazy and the temptation to break the rules is easy, but the application we developed together prevents that. Globally, we take 10,000 steps on average everyday. And so that’s basically 170,00 steps a week. With this app, we have the technology to trace your steps and every two weeks you will earn tokens developed by our blockchain technology.So your incentive is to NOT reach 170,00 steps every two weeks. Because we know that this isolation is hard, but absolutely necessary. And so with these tokens you can redeem paper wallets at an a cryptocurrency ATM as a reward.

We know that exercise is extremely important, but there are ways to exercise indoors and we think that to truly diminish this pandemic, it’s starts with following the rules, This was a personal cause for us because we are about the well being of others,

We hope you stay safe and don’t just take this time to use your smartphone, but to take up hobbies, but DO have in your pocket because that’s how you’ll earn rewards.

Thanks for your time and we hope you enjoy our application.

Sincerely Dustin and Nadia

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