We were inspired by an experience we all shared: we’ve all found ourselves in parties where we didn’t enjoy the music that was played and had suggestions to offer. However, getting requests through to the DJ in a loud and crowded environment proves to be quite a challenge. We wanted to make it simpler for everyone to win a little!

What it does

This application allows users to simply text their song request to a given number, which will then load the song request onto a queue for the event. After that, the songs on the queue are found on YouTube and played for the crowd’s enjoyment.

How we built it

We used Firebase Functions service with Node.js to build our Twilio web hooks. We also used the Firebase real time database to store all of our song queues for the various groups. We built a client website using ReactJS and the Youtube Data api.

Challenges we ran into

A primary difficulty we encountered was getting JavaScript packages to cooperate. We also had to endure spotty internet connection.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a very relatable and usable product that people of any age and culture can enjoy. The UI is simple and intuitive in that it doesn't require any difficult navigation. Simply put, we designed a product that brings people-and their music-together.

What we learned

We learned quite a lot, and gained a lot of technical knowledge. A few of our team members did not know how to use React and via the workshop and online resources taught themselves to get a functioning knowledge of the tool.

What's next for Q.

Q’s next step is to enter the college scene. With the large number of parties available, we imagine that Q would help college students share their music with their friends with ease.

Technologically speaking, we could add more integrations and other features like recommendations.

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