A lot of my friends and family members struggled with being productive during the quarantine days. They got tired of doing the same thing everyday: scrolling and sleeping. This was not only making them bored but was affecting their mental health negatively. I decided to build something easy-to-use where they can find fun activities and connect with others in the same boat!

What it does

Q-Minds gives the user suggestions for what to do during the day. Completing one small task per day makes the users feel productive and energized. The 'star' reward system and posts from friends help keep people motivated. The short term effects: Entertainment, Sanity in quarantine, Active Mind. The long term benefits: Healthier habits, Will to stay active and and productive, new skills acquired.

How I built it

I used an HTML template from html5Up and then changed it to the design I wanted. I had some HTML/CSS knowledge, so I was able to make the changes. I didn't know JS so I tried to look up ideas for building a pinwheel in JS and found some helpful resources.

Challenges I ran into

I had some issues with margins and positioning of my wheel and the text associated with it. I was having trouble with the video length so I decided to use a text-to-language tool to make the pitch more concise and clear.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first hackathon without a team. I am glad that I have enough confidence now to design and develop a product all on my own. Also, this is my first virtual hack and I feel prepared to participate in more. The thing I am most proud of is that I made something related to mental health, a topic that often gets neglected in technology.

What's next for Q-Minds

I will develop a log in and sign in platform. There will also be communities and friends groups for folks to stay motivated. Some sort of ML methods to suggest tasks that users will enjoy based on their previous completed tasks will be great.

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