Tired of waiting in queue at temples, government offices, college registeration desk, etc we got to find a solution to this problem in a tradition that was rooted in Indian countryside.

What it does

This idea can be linked to an Indian tradition that we witnessed in Indian villages where people keep their slippers in long queues to assure their position in the queue and then estimate at what time should they come back, for the task. Our application does something similar. It is an app that helps a person to be present in a queue virtually. It issues a token to a person who wants to stand in the respective queue and also gives the person as estimated idea of when should he arrive at the place to avail the service. This all is done harnessing the power of internet and technology. The application notifies the person to arrive at the location just few minutes before his/her actual chance, hence saving a huge amount of time, that the person would have spent waiting in the queue. Moreover this application also felicitates the user by helping him make a more informed decision by making him available information about various providers of service near him, the information about various queues like the length of queue, the start time and end time of the service on various days, etc. Also in the current scenario of COVID-19 this application can act as a boon, because it can help people avoid crowded queues and can help follow the zen of social distancing.

How I built it

This all began with the problem that we faced in our daily life and the solution that we figured. Though the solution we earlier came up was amended on various instances to reach it current forms. We used Node.js, express and SQL to build a suitable application. We designed all the operational algorithms on the fly. Then we started to work on an flutter application so that the services of our backend can we rendered to the users.

Challenges I ran into

We faced issue with the server as it can't handle too many requests at the same time. While building the flutter app challanges we faced to implement the MVC architecture since this was my first flutter app that was production ready with BLOC architecture too.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We created a production ready application that can help people save time, which is one of the most important resource. Not only that we also reduced the need of various companies, stores, service providers, etc to have separate websites or channels just for managing their appointments, which in turn would help them save money and put it to a better use. Moreover, the problem posed by COVID-19 is also being solved by our little effort. What can be a better accomplishment for college students like us than being able to help humanity in whatever small ways we could.

What I learned

We learnt about queue operation management and how big bussiness handle them so as to come up with the a suitable solution. We also gained knowledge about various thing in product development and coding front. We gained insights on how to make applications and load test them.

What's next for Q Me

We plan to create Q Me as a full fledged system for the future that provides access to all offline services to the user and provide them all benefits as mentioned above. We plan to turn this idea into an startup and are actively looking for funding. More features and offline enqueuing features are on our project plans and will be completed soon.

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