When browsing the web for assignments or lectures, you can often stumble upon undefined words or questions. Q&AI is here to instantaneously provide an answer without having to leave your web page. It's an educational tool aiming to improve online learning.

What it does

Q&AI is a Chrome extension that allows users to find answers or definitions to highlighted questions or words. This tool focuses on user experience by displaying the answers in a pop-up bubble. The extension also allows typing in a question in a search box. The tool annotates the answers to provide links to keywords. Clicking on these words redirect the user to their DBpedia web page to learn more on the subject. Finally, a "see more" option allows users to start a Google search.

How we built it

The extension was built using JavaScript and HTML. We implemented the logic related to answering the questions by sending a request to OpenAI API. Similarly, the definitions are provided by the DictionaryAPI. The text annotation was made possible by DBpedia spotlight API, which uses named entity recognition to automate the annotations.

Challenges we ran into

One of our issues is that we needed to store data (History of questions, API keys, settings) in a more permanent and secure place. At first, all of the data was lost once you closed your browser, which was less than Ideal. But then, after doing some research, we were able to use the chrome storage API, which can store our info in chrome's local storage, so our data now persists more permanently.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to integrate a multitude of APIs to work together and form a single cohesive application. We're also proud to have built, from scratch, a useful application that helps people study and be more efficient.

What we learned

We learned to make and publish Chrome extensions, structure them, and the many components that form a chrome extension. We also learn to interact with the OpenAI API, DBPedia API, and the dictionary API.

What's next for Q&AI

The next step for Q&AI is to publish the application on the google store so that other people can install it and start using it!

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