Caleb Riggs had an idea for a social media service that allowed people to share their opinions on topics while feeling free to speak using anonymity. The group than began to contribute and add ideas creating the project we call Q&A.

What it does

We as the admins will give the users a topic and each day we will give the users a new question to answer and share their opinions on. Before the new question is posted the discussion board will be wiped clean allowing a fresh start and new content every day. The site will encourage users to openly share their opinions in a constructive manner. We have the questions, What's your answer?

How we built it

We chose Python as our primary language. We then used a flask web sever with the flask-blog functionality to build what is today Q&A. We used SQLAlchemy to manage our database to save time and efficiency. Using the Materialize Framework and custom CSS we were able to set up all the apps web views as well as a custom admin panel to manage content easily.

Challenges we ran into

The domain registration system seemed to take a lot of time, we had several problems using's system and had to end up waiting for support from them to finish the domain activation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to code the site in the time given. It may not sound like much, however we were able to spend more time trying things that we may not have used before and learning new code so that our site could provide the best experience for the users. We also had enough time to hide in an easter egg.

What we learned

We learned a lot about working co-operatively with a team. How to coordinate a coding project so that multiple people can edit the code and contribute to the project.

What's next for Q & A

Improvements and bug fixes system wide, beyond that there is always the potentiality for mobile development on iOS and Android.

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