From exposure with hajj in 1437, one of team members faced critical issue into communicating with family, reaching her location & was unable to locate family member facing health issue, also it required guidance to understand what steps to do and what are MANASEK Al Hajj which is not available all the time to support. We believe that AI can support people in getting convenient help in their day to day life that’s why we are honored & inspired to use technology to serve pilgrims in their Hajj journey with RASHED app idea :

  • Be safe
  • Do right hajj
  • Be comfortable

What it does

RASHED is designed to chat and support in explaining each hajj step with 2 ways communication / voice recognition designed with human conversation touch with the following features :

  • 24 Hours support as personal assistant to Pilgrim in Hajj journey.
  • Auto detect exiting location of hajj and explain what is required to do in each step.
  • Link pilgrim to emergency facilities and record the issue and report it to related authority.

How we built it

We have divided our work into the following sections :

  1. Backend : building the necessary Apis (make emergency calls ,places locations, view emergency requests,and hajji data, ..etc)
  2. AI : speech recognition ,CONTENT selection algorithm, and IBM-Watson NLP .
  3. Android :(auto location detection, conversation with Rashed ).
  4. Ui/Ux .
  5. Motion graphics : motion graphics of our character Rashed.
  6. Business & Financials. We integrated the whole works altogether to produce our app on its final picture.

Challenges we ran into

  • Hardship in Deciding on the right mix of features that help in resolving tackled problem.
  • Choosing the optimal programming linked with AI to support the selected features.
  • Deciding the right business model with a scalable revenue stream.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Over past year we developed our built artificial intelligence methodology & code in educational application which was a strong base to develop RASHED concept to serve pilgrim in his Hajj journey.

What we learned

  • Team is the cornerstone into building a successful business given clear direction / strategy and details action plan is developed.
  • Ideas to solve customer issue needs to be tested first before progressing into full execution to ensure success.
  • Hard targets is not easy to achieve unless team believe in it and get inspired to deliver.

What's next for Q-043-Rashed

We develop detailed action plan to fulfill RASHED development requirements including :


  • Finish development of codes and synchronization of features.
  • Build features to support key languages & offline app use.
  • Improve machine learning for better customer experience.


  • Detailed testing of key App features with target customer.
  • Detailed Market research & marketing plan to support target segment.
  • Finalize a comprehensive business plan / financial modelling for project with clear funding requirements.
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