Inspired by "going viral online"

What it does

It enables Hajj Pilgrims to go viral "on earth" about anything during their Hajj experience no matter how small it is. The platform allows organizers to create huge number of uniquely identified stickers (QR code) each can be identified by category (transports, accommodation, food, ATM, toilets, offices, etc) and exact GPS coordinates. The system is decided into:

  1. Web App that is used by organizers to manage stickers printing and categorizing. Also, the web app will give them insights (google heatmaps) about the areas where Hajj Pilgrims are complaining. Each complain is actually a point on the map that is, in fact, an object identified by unique QR sticker.
  2. Mobile App used by Hajj Pilgrims to scan and vote (thumbs-up or down) as easy as that. Also, Hajj Pilgrims are contributing in locating and updating the exact location of those mass stickers during the first scanner vote.

How we built it

The web application is built using PHP and MySQL DB along with jQuery on top of the following open-sources:

Google Maps JS API

And Android QR reader App

Challenges we ran into

  • not being able to use any fancy template
  • too many ideas too little limit
  • QR codes locations were supposed to be pre defined by organizers which appeared to be time consuming. However, we solved this problem by using first voter GPS location.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • overcoming many issues with brainstorming
  • helping other teams even though we needed every single minute
  • We're having almost fully functioning solution in day 2

What we learned

  • work under pressure requires lots of patient
  • nothing is impossible

What's next for Q-030-HajeejVoice

  • polish it
  • build it in more standardized way
  • make it global voting system
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