Pythons ad python

What it does

Pythons around chasing a 'mouse'

How I built it

we built this we love and attention with hot clue card, scissors, paper clips, also the programming of the micro controller in python

Challenges I ran into

The micro controller weird, breaking the display, carrying all the hardware to the hackathon, blood was shed during the building of snec, managing the servo motors

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

snec looks like a snec, our punny name

What I learned

what a snec looks like

What's next for Python Powered Python

of course... as always... TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD

Built With

  • blood
  • card
  • frustration
  • hot-glue
  • maixpy
  • paperclips
  • python
  • sipeed
  • sweat
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