I coded these programs to check in to day 3 of Local Hack Day Build

What it does

One file is an implementation of the "vigenere" cipher, which is used to encrypt strings using a specific key. The second implementation is two files: client and server. sets up a server for clients to connect, multiple clients can connect through multiple terminal windows and send messages to the server.

How we built it

I wrote the entire code in python, saw the Linode tutorial for the socket program and read about the cipher on wikipedia (coded it myself)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Python programming is something I am already familiar with, I paid more attention to learning to deploy python code on Linode. That's why I chose these tracks. I find deployment to be a little tricky as a lot of things have to be taken care of and the code has to be dynamic, with nothing hard coded in it.

What we learned

Deploying python code on a cloud server

What's next for Python Chat server and password encryption

I'll use the deployment skills I learnt with this relatively simple project for deploying more complex python scripts like APIs.

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