Three years ago, I wrote a really, really ugly Python wrapper for the Skyscanner flight search API. Flight search is very complicated, and the data structures involved are large and unwieldy. For hackers who are just dipping their toes in, this can be intimidating, and it can lead to a lot of confusion.

This wrapper allows hackers to work with flight itineraries, pricing, and deeplinks without needing to know what a "Root Node IDentifier" is, or that they're going to need to cache their airline / airport information if they want to work with more commonly known IATA codes.

What it does

It's a python library. Install it with pip install pySkycanner, load it up with from pySkyscanner.pyskyscanner import SkyscannerClient, and instantiate your client with SkyscannerClient(API_KEY). Play around with it.

What's next for PySkyscanner & Bugfixes

If it seems like this library is actually seeing some use, I may develop this further, adding more functions / coverage of the Skyscanner API, tests, and better error handling. Depends if I have free time.

I also raised a pull request for a bugfix to an unofficial Python API for the Robinhood brokerage.


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