A highly customizeable and beginner-friendly safe made using Arduino and Python.

What Inspired Us At the beginning of the hackathon, we looked at what we had available to us. We had a handful of Arduinos, too many wires, and a few motors and servos here and there. On top of that, we had an excited group of students that combined, held a wide range of skills. Due to the diversity in hardware and software experience, we wanted to merge the two and create something simplistic yet purposeful. Thus, came the idea of PySafe.

What We learned Right from the beginning, we identified each member's strengths and overall role in the team. We divvied up the tasks so that not only everyone had a chance to do something new and creative, but was also within their comfort zones enough to do so.

Throughout this project, I learned that it truly was the best to take it one step at a time. I jumped right into Arduino, having little to no previous experience. After grinding through what would be required to in order for our lock mechanism to work, I then learned how to tie the Arduino and Python together using pyserial, and then proceeded to cooperate and work with my team members to develop a minimalistic yet effective User Interface to operate the PySafe itself.

The Project Itself Made from custom dollarstore styrofoam boards, high quality industrial exacto-knives, a repurposed cardboard box, a handful of Arduino tech, and the blood, sweat, and tears (and lack of sleep), we present the PySafe!

The default password is 'hello'.

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