We started the competition with the plan to make a web app that would serve as a social hub for people to suggest locations and themes for travel based on personal experience. Using Sabre's API the website could turn a good suggestion into a planned trip. It didn't take long to realize that implementing a wide variety of features from this API on a Python based web app was going to be a time consuming task. At this point we decided to take a step back and solve the larger issue at hand.

Onto PySabre

PySabre is for the average programmer, like us, that is looking to utilize Sabre's tools without the redundancies of internet communication protocols. This was the initial vision of our library. However, as it grew through the night, its ease of use allowed us to think of new creative aspects to build upon its foundation.

We are most excited about the, believe it or not, Pythonic aspect of this library. Encapsulating the travel data into programmatic customized object structures ushers in a new power to the API. A user can compare different API results based solely on mathematical expressions like the > and < signs. Information about a certain API and its properties can be accessed from inside its own structure! The user no longer needs to look up URL information, or even specific tasks APIs provide, it is all covered right here in PySabre.

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