A while back, as a joke we made a dating application for tech workers and students. From this idea, however, we noticed that there are not really any dedicated platforms for spirited hackers to find new teammates and collaborations. PypeLyne is our answer.

What it does

PypeLyne is a web application where users can register and then assign themselves tags based on their skills, preferences, and interests, as well as future events they are participating in. Users can then attempt to match with other users in our database who have closely aligned characteristics, which in addition to above include a possibly close physical location or specific friends. Successful matches are displayed in order of how closely users are related to each other.

How we built it

The frontend was built in JavaScript, React, Yarn, TailwindCSS, and Node.js. The backend was built using Python, Firebase, and SQL. CockroachDB was chosen to host our database of tags, users, and locations. An extensive set of external Python libraries such as Flask, Psycopg2, and Pandas were also used. All online collaboration by the team was done through Github and Discord.

Challenges we ran into

There were many obstacles in our project that necessitated our choice of tools. For example, in order to code our backend in Python, Flask was necessary for integration with our website. Additionally, as we pushed forward, the specifications of the project changed nearly by the hour. As we learned more and put more into code, our team grappled with and adapted to the shifting nature of the web application that we were making.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of our beautiful interface and the smooth integration of our webpage, backend code, and database. We're proud of how we came together to implement such a web application, and our capabilities to turn on a dime when needed and make it work.

What we learned

We learned a lot about integrating the frontend and the backend of an application. We also learned more about setting project requirements, and we learned various new tools along the way from fellow teammates and the demands of the project.

What's next for PypeLyne

We'll need to add various other functionalities to PypeLyne, such as user messaging and custom tags.

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