Movie Pool

This is Movie Pool, a website where you can look for carpools to all your favorite movies playing in the theaters. You can create an account, search for a carpool, sign up to be a driver, contact the company, and more!


We came up with Movie Pool because as students at the U of I, traveling to the movie theater either requires long bus rides or expensive Ubers. These are inconveniences we looked to bypass through our solution: Movie Pool. Residents in the Champaign-Urbana area without convenient modes of transportation can now travel with Movie Pool certified drivers in their neighborhoods! Use Movie Pool to watch movies on the big screen with others.

What It Does

Movie Pool allows residents of the Champaign-Urbana community to browse carpools they can join in on to watch movies in theaters. To join a carpool, simply go to the login page and create an account. Then, find a carpool for your movie and time of choice! Residents with cars can become certified drivers by registering through the site and certifying their driver's license.

How We Built It

We built this website using html, css, Bootstrap, javascript, and php. We used a local host to store account information and login into accounts.

Challenges We Ran Into

We used php to store account information and retrieve it for logins, but after creating all the infrastructure, we realized it wasn't compatible with Github. Therefore, we were forced to use a local server. We also wanted to retrieve movie showtimes, but all the APIs either were not available or cost money. We then turned to using Fandango's RSS feed for movies to retrieve movie information, but the only option was to parse the information, which violates copyright laws.

Accomplishments We Are Proud Of

We are proud of creating a functioning website! This is the first hackathon for all of us, and it was a very fun and hectic experience. This is also a lot of our first projects using some of these languages.

Things We Learned

We learned a lot about front-end and back-end development for websites. We learned a lot of styling using css and Bootstrap as well as php for content forms and accounts.

What is Next

Some other functions we would like to include are methods to search drivers and write reviews, find showtimes and movies near you, and map out the carpool route.

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