Our idea was inspired by a situation at a restaurant where a group of friends found it difficult to split the bill in a convenient way. What if there was some sort of application that did this for them? pygpayment is that app. It allows friends to easily pool money together to pay for things.

What it does

One can communicate and organise the financial side of a group event in the same app.

How we built it

Our approach was mostly based on trial and error. We played with the provided APIs and some technologies we didn't know.

Challenges we ran into

  • underestimation of the project in hand
  • setting up the environment for nexmo stitch
  • learning too many things at once
  • hosting

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • learning many things at once
  • it just werks
  • having fun

What we learned

  • RTFM (really)
  • JFDI
  • project & time management

What's next for pyg-payment

  • sky is the limit (Ever since we were young men, we dreamed of making something truly beautiful, a masterpiece wuthout equal. Then our dreams smashed with reality. "It'll be done in two days" become "Three" then "Never". Alas our dream will never be fufilled. This is mearly a tribute to what could have been truly a landmark in human acheivement.)

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