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Python bindings to CrunchBase



# initialize the API using your API Key, will throw ValueError if missing
cb = CrunchBase(API_KEY)
# look up an organization by name
github = cb.organization('github')

# the response contains snippets of data regarding relationships
# that the organization has, an example is the funding_rounds
funding_rounds_summary = github.funding_rounds

# all relationships are paged, and only 8 is returned initially
# to get more data do this, it handles paging for you
# and returns a False-y value if there are no more pages
more_funding_rounds = cb.more(funding_rounds_summary)

# data in relations are just summaries, and you probably want more details
# For example funding_rounds returns 5 values: type, name, path
# created_at, updated_at.
# If you actually want to know who invested, you have to get to make
# more API calls

# first get the uuid of the round
round_uuid = funding_rounds_summary[0].uuid

# then use the CrunchBase API to make that call
round = cb.funding_round(round_uuid)

# again, investments is a relationship on a FundingRound,
# so we can get the first item in that relationship
an_investor = round.investments[0]  # a InvestorInvestmentPageItem

# and printing that gives us the name of the investor, and the amount
# invested in USD
print(str(an_investor))  # prints: Investor Name $100000



pip install pycrunchbase




To run the all tests run::


Contributions are always welcome!

Use GitHub issues <https://github.com/ngzhian/pycrunchbase/issues>_ to report a bug or send feedback.

The best way to send feedback is to file an issue at https://github.com/ngzhian/pycrunchbase/issues.


Thanks to these contributors:

  • dustinfarris <https://github.com/dustinfarris>_


  1. Support all (or almost all) of CrunchBase's API functionalities
  2. Speedy updates when CrunchBase's API changes
  3. 'Pythonic' bindings, user doesn't feel like we're requesting URLs



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