Taking into account my expertise in the Python programming language and my love for the language, I decided to take the next step and learn Pygame and its different ways of use and execution. By using tutorials online and the information found on the official website, I have successfully learned the basics of pygame.

PyChess is a simple version of a chess game for a single player verses an artificial intelligence. It simulates the basic chess layout and rules.

I have learned many computer languages in my life however Python is my favorite due to its simplicity and being user-friendly. In addition, it's easy to deal with and very open. Therefore, I decided to develop a game using pygame so I can use my favorite language. I integrated the basic chess rules in the code and used random to simulate the AI.

It was a challenge itself to do this project with few group members. I also had trouble grasping the concept of how pygame works at first. I also had trouble making at an ideal user-friendliness level.

The integration of chess rules in the code and program I think is a great accomplishment especially into an AI system.

I think Massey hack was a great experience for me overall as I attended many useful workshops in programs I'm interested in using. As well as that I was able to take my Python skills to the next level.

Next I will make PyChess more user-friendly and more options such as a 2 player mode.

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