As the Internet is full of content, many newbies in python like me tend to lose concentration if they don't get all the learning stuff in one place. That's why I propose this for all the people to get the real and true articles about Python and it's use-case and involves in PYARMY 😊

What it does

I built this project for CMS (content management System) with Flask. This Web app has CRUD functionality to manage your Blog post powered by the security of flask-Admin, Werkzeug, and SHA-256

I used Flask with SQLAlchemy as ORM and power of cockroachdb, HTML, and CSS for the frontend and Heroku for deployment purposes


  • Add flask-admin and flask-login module
  • Add CKEditor for dashboard and sqlalchemy for database
  • Domain on godaddy and SSL by cloudflare
  • Finally Hosting my web app on Heroku

Challenges we ran into

  • How to set up cockroachdb into the project
  • How to use wekzeug security to hide passwords
  • Intergrage flask admin and flask login


Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.

What we learned

I learned how to integrate Heroku deployed python web app to link with the domain on GoDaddy via Cloudflare for SSL purpose

What's next for Pyarmy

  • Next thing is to integrate quora like the system in this for the follower and following for more involvement of people.
  • Move Backend to the API and using react/next for frontend for a more robust app
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