Seeing incredible live DJs bringing the house down around the world and thinking, "I want to rock it like that!"

What it does

A virtual reality experience where people can dance with their friends from around the world or even get up on stage as the DJ. We're using both the Oculus and Kinect to track your body motion so players can bust a move on the dance floor and even interact with a virtual turntable to mix and drop their favorite tracks. We wanted to recreate the visceral and electric atmosphere of a live event while at the same time giving people the ability to experience it in a totally unique way.

How I built it

Using Oculus Rift, Leap Motion, Kinect and Unity5

Challenges I ran into

Having enough time to put in all the cool features we wanted. We had to cut a lot out because we just ran out of time. Getting all the different hardware to play nice together pretty tough as well. We tried to add something new at the last minute and everything broke, so we had to scramble just to get the project working in time for the judges. It was looking dire, but we managed to get things under control in time. In typical hackathon fashion, our ambitions turned out to be pretty unrealistic! What we were left with in the end was still pretty cool though.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting all the different hardware to play nice together!

What I learned

What's next for PVRTY

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